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Under Our Umbrella

Terminal Illness and Bereavement

Child or Adult Heart Disease

Social, Emotional and Behavioural Conditions

Cancer and other Diagnosis

For Children

Welcome to Understanding Differences

~awareness, information and support about any diagnosis, loss and bereavement~

Any Diagnosis~Loss~Bereavement

If you are interested in any of the roles then please request a Volunteer & Project Participation Application Form

Dependent upon the role, we will definitely need more information about you and part of this may mean that certain checks may need to be made.

Please be assured that no checks will be made without your permission and that returned forms by email are done so at your own risk, but will be printed, deleted and then stored in a locked cabinet with any forms received through the post.

Volunteer & Project Participation Application

Understanding Differences

Voluntary Positions Vacancy List

Committee vacancies

1. Co-Secretary       

2. Minutes Secretary      

3. Membership Secretary       

4. Grants Co-Ordinator       

5. Collection Box Administrator      

Volunteer/Member vacancies

1. Website and Marketing Development Team  

2. Shattered Dreams Drop-In:

   Steering/Development Team       

3. Shattered Dreams Drop-In:

    Refreshments & Resource Library


4. Shattered Dreams Drop-In & Young Explorers Club:  Play/Craft Workers

Our projects have been detailed throughout this site.

The following pages contain specific roles and responsibility of Committee members and Trustees  if you would like to get involved please view these pages