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Terminal Illness and Bereavement

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Children may need support due to a direct result of a physical or emotional condition or because of a knock on effect of watching in on such experiences

•  We are not saying that there is not support out there for children but, often much of it is limited and only available in certain circumstances

•  We will not always automatically know what support is available and so generally have to look for it. If your school are aware of the issues then they may have already have offered the relevant information needed, but not all families disclose personal information to their schools and suffer in silence without ever knowing what is out there, so possibly slip through the net.

•  Some parents may be finding the situation very difficult to deal with and not be able to think straight or know where to begin to look.

Community, GP
Many services can be accessed via the GP by being referred for individual assessments with people such as Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Play Therapists but, these services are so limited.

There are many Charities who already offer various kinds of support and advice however, each is very specific in the market that they are able to target e.g. maybe catering for a specific condition or age.

Schools have knowledge of the above re-feral systems; in addition they have their own access to a school nurse, counselling, educational psychologist’s, family link support workers who can offer further advice but, again if a family do not disclose accurate accounts of their personal lives to the school then they are not aware of how they may help. But, consistently, these resources are also limited. In Sussex, a family Link worker may be assigned to your family if referred by the school and then, they can only take on 2 families per school at a time.

Children’s Support in General

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