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Terminal Illness and Bereavement

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Welcome to Understanding Differences

~awareness, information and support about any diagnosis, loss and bereavement~

Any Diagnosis~Loss~Bereavement

How to Get Involved

Whatever your thoughts after browsing this site, to improve our services we need to know what you think about our Projects so your feedback/membership helps us improve the UD organisation and tailor our efforts to provide the best service we can offer.

It may also enable us to improve our aim to link with places such as Schools & other Organisations; thus improving a network of awareness & information.

Please be kind enough to spend a few minutes to complete the ** online membership form; remember that there is no obligation to be actively involved by doing this.

Members will receive updates about our organisation which are currently produced yearly and bulletins as our organisation begins to offer more. You may unsubscribe to these at any time simply by contacting us stating your wishes.


Membership is open to those aged over 18 and is divided into two kinds;

 Family Membership-Parents or guardians of all children who have children experienced difficult times [directly or indirectly] where that family may gain or offer supportive knowledge or reassurance or wish to support the aims of the charitable organisation.

Affiliate Membership-other individuals, organisations or bodies interested in supporting the aims of the charitable organisation,

 detailed in our membership policy.

Becoming a member of Understanding Differences comes with no obligation to participate in our projects.

In this chapter of our site you will find:

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** NOTE: Unfortunately we do not yet have our online data encrypted, whilst the form asks for very minor information we realise that some will prefer to complete our short membership form and reply by post or scan the form and reply by email.

All email replies will be printed, stored safely and then deleted.

All replies (posted or emailed) will be securely stored and used for statistical purposes and to send you the updates/bulletins.

We will not disclose your personal details to any third party.

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