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Understanding Differences Fundraising

Do you have a creative side or

are you a hoarder?

Why not put that to some good use..

Enter our competition

Design a keepsake or memory box .

Memory boxes can be for a range of special and sensitive occasions and we could use your finished boxes to raise funds or offer to bereaved families where appropriate.

Competition Rules:

1. Enter one or more category:

2. Most products used should be re-cycled odds and bobs shoe boxes, wallpaper, left over paint!  

3. Pay entry fee (£1 per entry)

4. Enter as many boxes as you like (there will be 2 small prizes for each category)

Winning designs will be judged at our AGM

Some past events

John Rickie sponsored skip

Sponsored Skip by John Richie

and the lads

Sarah J Smith 10K south run

Great south run (10K)

Sarah J Smith



Fundraising for UD comes in many forms, our main source of small but regular incomes comes from collection boxes located around Crawley,

We also receive some funds by holding special events and sponsored events of which some are listed below, and lastly but certainly not least is the sponsorship from companies, to view these please see the sponsorship page,

We have also received Grants from a variety of sources for specific aspects of UD again these are listed below.

Grants - for further details please see our Grants page

Macmillan Cancer Care awarded £325.60 towards cancer training.

Inner Sense assisted with training needs

Longley Trust £400 towards bereavement training

Crawley East Council £800 towards the purchase of equipment, (awaiting confirmation by scrutiny procedure)

Crawley West Council £800 towards the purchase of equipment

O2 £500 for setting up the young explorers crafts section, and purchase of materials, see our page on the O2 its your community site

Scarman Trust £550  

GACT £250

Buy and Support

Support Understanding Differences by Buying from the yellow moon online catalogue, a commission is paid to us at the end of each year visit http://www.yellowmoon.org.uk/   


Bake a cake week