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Bake and Share is the slogan of this years National baking week, held from the 19th October to 25th October.

Billed as a week to get the nation back into the kitchen its a great opportunity to get the kids involved in baking, The idea is to get as many people possible to bake cakes and share them with others, and its not just limited to home, schools all over the UK are expected to become involved,

Supporters of Understanding differences can do even more,

Why not bake a cake or cookies as part of the baking week and sell your cakes for a nominal fee in the office or workplace, hold a baking party, or simply sell them at your local pub, donating the proceeds to UD.

Participating it is both fun and rewarding especially getting the get kids involved, and at the same time you will be helping to support UD in its aims to help families in Crawley and the surrounding areas.

See the National baking week web site for further details and ideas regarding baking, note this is an external web site and not under the control of UD.

Proceeds can be donated by contacting us once your event has finished

National Baking Week

Enjoy Baking - Bake a cake or cookies and help UD to help others.