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Diabetes~Epilepsy~Cancer~and more

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This fund is here to provide sources of awareness, information and support for children and adults after any diagnosis that is not a heart related condition (see LRMF).

Medical science has advanced a great deal in
recent times, resulting in many more people
surviving a variety of serious conditions for
longer than they may have done

However, there are many diagnoses
where the outcome is often unknown or
entirely life changing; examples such as
cancer or muscular dystrophy come with
pre-conceived ideas of dying along with a
range of different thoughts and feelings for
everyone involved.

Many people feel uneasy talking about their feelings for a number of reasons and we are here to attempt to help change some of these barriers and make a difference in peoples lives.

The resources we offer include:
¬    a space to communicate with others;

¬     a large range of books about cancer;

¬  books about a range of other diagnoses;
¬   reference books that help understand why

your body may not be working properly and
¬   an opportunity to be involved in publishing

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