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In conjunction with our virtual memorial garden, we hope to publish a diary-style book which also holds tributes or poems for anyone (not just for those who have lost children) and diary-style journals from families about their journey through knowing they may lose someone very close or their journey through grief.

We hope such a publication would be a comforting, reassuring tool for those who do not use Internet communications or for those darkest days when you cannot leave the room where you sit or lay. While now you live in a world that feels so isolating, the book, for the times it is read would assure you that you are not alone and that many of your thoughts are not as unheard of as you may feel, bringing a sense of rationalisation if nothing else to fill your deepest gap in your days.

We would also hope this would help other family members and friends understand us better too as they begin to move on with their lives and the loss draws closer to the back of their daily routines and memories.

To move on with this project, we need at least 4 families from different backgrounds, beliefs and cultures to form the development team and driving force behind the project. These families will write short journals of marking times for them. The ‘diary-style’ phrase comes here, where the piece of text will be with a reference to the time span after their loss.

Other families or individuals can offer their passages, tips or useful advice about something that has really helped them or write tributes or poems on anniversaries or other difficult days.

We hope to use the following headings as a suggested layout to easily find relevant support without having to read through reams of text:

Passages from other bereaved families and friends under the following headings;

We would hope that on producing a draft, we would qualify for sponsors/funding for the book. However, any donations or separate fundraising we could do would aid that process as we show funders that there is support which indicates a need for the draft to be printed and circulated.

We estimate that to publish 1000 A5 sized books at 120 pages would cost around £5,600

Look here for more information about how you can get involved

Look here for more information about how you can get involved