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Terminal Illness and Bereavement

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Child or Adult Heart Disease

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Memorial Garden

In Loving Memory of Ross Owen Jack Nevill

20-06-02 to 22-09-05

A victim of CHD

Please send your photo and message to add to our online Memorial Garden

At present this is still being constructed but we welcome everyone to send in a picture and any messages which will be included on the memorial pages.

In conjunction with these pages, we hope to publish a diary-style book which also holds tributes or poems for anyone (not just for those who have lost children) and diary-style journals from families about their journey through knowing they may lose someone very close or their journey through grief.

We hope such a publication would be a comforting, reassuring tool for those who do not use Internet communications or for those darkest days when you cannot leave the room where you sit or lay.

We would also hope this would help other family members and friends understand us better too as they begin to move on with their lives and the loss draws closer to the back of their daily routines and memories.