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No one, no matter what their experiences or profession can say how to grieve, and this is not the aim of Understanding Differences, what UD can offer to people who are grieving, be it a parent, children or friends is to provide information and experiences to show that no one is alone, everyone must grieve in their own way but by providing information and experiences UD hopes to show that it’s not necessary to shut oneself away or avoid people.

Our way of doing this is to provide a variety of books and publications along with a forum which it is hoped will give people an wider understanding of the grieving process.  Also the information and books provided are there to help families and friends who simply don’t know what to say to a grieving person, and would normally avoid the person or subject.

With respect to children many books are aimed at offering different approaches when explaining the process of death to a child, including books designed specifically for a child to read, just as with adults, children will deal with the subject in various ways and there is no right or wrong way to explain the situation to a child.

However by reading and books and talking to others, adults and children alike can then make their own choices,

It is not necessary to simply hide children away from bereavement, and we provide many books for both parents and children to read together, so both can have a chance to discuss their feeling while in a slightly more relaxed atmosphere of reading a story.