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Congenital Heart Disease

Ross after surgery

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Congenital heart disease is not a specific ailment, but rather a general name given to cover a variety of heart defects present at birth, approximately 1 in 145 babies are born with a heart defect and whilst some may correct themselves, others need dangerous heart surgery meaning that parents and sometimes children have to witness sights like the ones depicted below.

This is not a medical site so cannot give details of the various types of CHD, diagnosis, treatment etc. But as a self help site it is our goal to provide the necessary resources to help parents, family and friends understand the condition and the range of emotions which may occur after a diagnosis of CHD, and this unfortunately includes our book list on terminal illness and bereavement as not all cases of CHD have a happy ending.    

On the right we have included links to other sites which provide an insight into what congenital heart disease is, its diagnosis and possible treatment.

Little Ross, “my precious little boy born with an uncertain future, his brothers and young friends have been the inspiration behind the mission that we hope will turn into a reality to help many other families encountering any kind of emotional roller coaster.”  - Donna Nevill

There are many things that you cannot prepare for in life and seeing your child like this no matter how many pictures or explanations you have received is one of them.

However, any tools that can help explain will aid the process of supporting families, friends and siblings through this experience as sadly there is a combination of outcomes and no real certainty when your child is diagnosed with a non-correctable heart condition.

Below are some links to further reading on CHD

NHS Choices - a brief overview of CHD

BHF - The British Heart Foundation is probably the best know, and although a general heart resource site it gives a brief overview of CHD

CCAD - a national statistics site on CHD surgical procedure and Hospitals, - note this is not a site explaining about CHD

We apologise if the pictures below upset anyone, this is not our intention, but feel it necessary to show friends and family the type of sights a parent may witness when a child is born with CHD.