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Terminal Illness and Bereavement

Child or Adult Heart Disease

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Welcome to Understanding Differences

~awareness, information and support about any diagnosis, loss and bereavement~

Any Diagnosis~Loss~Bereavement

Welcome to UD - home page - the main index page of Understanding Differences

Introduction - An introduction by the founder

Raising Awareness - What is Raising Awareness?

Our Mission - What Understanding Differences hopes to achieve.

Partnership - The purpose of Partnership.

Yearly Updates - Our updates of the fundraising, achievement and Cost of UD.



The Committee - Brief notes about the committee members.

Registering as a Charity - Why Understanding Differences is not a registered charity.

Policies and procedures - Not yet available.

Site terms of use - Terms of use when viewing the Understanding Differences web site.

Volunteers - Not yet available, anyone wishing to volunteer can use the contact us page.

Get involved

How to get involved - Becoming a member and membership policy.

Membership form - Online membership form, and a link to printable pdf form.

Contact us - Online contact form.

Forum - The Understanding Differences new forum.

Fundraising and Events - Details of sponsors and fundraising events.

Donate - Detains of how to donate to Understanding Differences.

Under our Umbrella

For Families - What Understanding Differences offers for families.

The main UD fund - The Blue fund and the base fund for operating costs.

Self Help - Self help and Understanding Differences.

Books and Publications - Overview of the various UD book lists.

Family stories - Short stories provided by families on the UD forum.

Workshop - To be announced.

Terminal illness and Bereavement

Shattered Dreams - Introduction to Bereavement and terminal illness.

Diary style book - Introduction to a proposed Bereavement diary.

Grieving - Introduction to grieving.

Drop-in - Shattered dreams drop-in (currently postponed).

Memorial Garden - What is a memorial garden.

Book List - The shattered dreams book list on Bereavement and terminal illness.

Congenital Heart Disease

Introduction - Introduction to CHD.

Little Ross Appeal - The main fund for awareness of Congenital Heart Disease.

Social Emotional and Behaviour

Introduction - Introduction to the Green fund for Social, Emotional and Behaviour problems.

Book List - Book list specific to Social, Emotional and Behaviour problems.

Physical Illness

Introduction - Introduction to the Orange fund for any Physical Illness.

Book List - Book list specific to a Physical Illness.

For Children (Young Explorers)

Introduction - Introduction to the Yellow fund called Young Explorers fund.

Charities and Schools - what’s on offer.

Young Explorers crafts - Coming soon.

For the Community

Introduction - Useful resources, ongoing project.


Due to previous problems with the guest book, it has been temporarily replaced with a blog, anyone is free to leave a comment on the blog about Understanding Differences or the UD web site.

Site Map - This current page.

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