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Welcome to Understanding Differences

~awareness, information and support about any diagnosis, loss and bereavement~

Any Diagnosis~Loss~Bereavement

No matter how big or small a problem may seem, everyone’s experience is relative to themselves which is why Understanding Differences have the foundations in place to involve everyone.

We are not here to judge but, to work together to develop strategies to help support families online and in the wider community, allowing “us; the people who have been there” to be actively involved in our own family’s personal development at the same time as helping others.

We are not a support group, nor are we professionals however, professionals in the knowledge of our own experiences; our varying paths of feelings, outcomes and reactions from others. We are normal families coming together from various life experiences who have learnt firsthand that you can never have too much information or support who respect the fact that everyone is different; culture, religious beliefs, in their views, perceptions and what they believe to be right and wrong in a variety of situations so “Understanding Differences” is not a guide of how things should or should not be done  but, a tool to raise awareness in the wider community.

By encouraging all involved to use their initiative and honesty about their experiences through various projects we may offer extended support, information and awareness; benefiting communities in the hope of reducing bullying & promoting social inclusion for families who experience difficult times

Something as simple as providing a range of diverse books to places such as schools will mean that we can reach many families for years to come supporting them in offering extended support to their families,

Those involved may learn something new and deal with any similar situation in the future as never previously perceived; alternatively they may learn that this way would not be right for them, still making decisions a little easier.

To  allow us to have the evidence and ability to do fulfil our aims as best we can, we ask that the families who look at our site and agree that our activities will be worthwhile,  to please send us your comments  or register your support via our quick poll.

There is also an option to Join Now, an online form for those of you who would be keen to be involved and receive more information.

We will only achieve our goals successfully if we get your feedback and even better if more people become involved; members, moderators of our support forum, committee members, team of readers.

Raising Awareness

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