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Terminal Illness and Bereavement

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Child or Adult Heart Disease

Social, Emotional and Behavioural Conditions

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For Children

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The Shattered Dreams Appeal is largely about supporting parents through the terminal diagnosis or sudden death of a child.  The effects of losing a child can be immensely deep rooted and life changing, no matter what face we wear.  Equally, a terminal illness or death of any relative is significant.

Accident~Medical~Suicide~and more

For adults living the emotional roller coaster of a terminal diagnosis or bereavement, a whirlwind of emotions may whiz around at the beginning, middle or end of your journey, following no set route. We are here offering help and comfort at any time you need.

Some find it hard to know what to say or do and some try to hurry grief on but there is no right or wrong way to grieve.

Our resources offer awareness, information and support to anyone seeking it in the hope that we will aid bereaved families and normalise this very individual experience.

The resources we offer include:

With enough interest, we also aim to provide:

a range of workshops to increase pro-active support for those whose lives have been shattered.

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