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Terminal Illness and Bereavement

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~ Terminal Illness and Bereavement Book list

~ For Children Under 5

~ For Children 5 to 8 yrs

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~ For adults supporting a Bereaved Child

~ For Adults, Friends family

Child or Adult Heart Disease

Social, Emotional and Behavioural Conditions

Cancer and other Diagnosis

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Shattered Dreams Appeal

...Re-building lives affected by Terminal Illness and Bereavement...

Terminal Illness and Bereavement Book List

The Terminal Illness and Bereavement book list is split into several categories ranging for children under 5 to Adults, Family and friends

Click the links on the left to select a category

These books deal with various aspects of death and bereavement, from Still-birth to Cancer

Please note - all the Understanding Differences booklists are provided as a guide only, because every situation is different we cannot guarantee that any one book is fit for particular person or circumstance.

Terminal Illness & Bereavement Book List

Quick links to other resources

The social, emotional and behaviour section is found under the Green fund and contains

~ Behaviour related books for children  

~ Adoption

~ Divorce and step families

~ Social children books, including peoples and religions of the world, healthy eating,

The physical illness section is found under the Orange fund and contains

~ Introductory books for children age 2+ for example going to doctor or dentist.

~ understanding the body, various ages

~ Health including puberty for boys and girls

~ Illness Autism, Epilepsy, Diabetes,

~ Illness Asthma, Heart

The Child and Adult Heart Disease section is found under the Red/Little Ross Memorial Fund and contains

~ Heart