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As we are sure you have realised, Understanding differences is split into 6 funds, each with a different aim, though all share a common theme of create awareness and support for families experiencing any diagnosis, fear, isolation or grief.

The Main Blue UD fund is here to fund anything that unites each of the five sub funds, for example the Young Experiences, Young Explorers collection project costs, UD’s running costs, Internet, forum, printing, marketing, books in schools etc.

One of the very first aims of Understanding Differences was to develop a wider range of Inclusive children’s stories about different journeys caused by a various diagnosis’ ‘from children for children’ that we publish and fund to go into the community to reach families when they most need them.

The purpose was to to enable all children in the family to be more involved in sharing their feelings to write them and understand what may happen in some situations as they read them feeling less isolated.

We view these as a supportive tool for families in discussions with their children.

In 2004 we were awarded 2 Grants to further our aims.

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Our first Young Experiences,Young Explorers Collection has been drafted... a series of  5 stories about Children with Heart Conditions entirely written from a child’s perspective, for children, from the child with the condition and their siblings.