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“No matter how minor or major it may seem, many experiences still incur worry and fears for all family members, all books and publications can be obtained from libraries and bookshops but, our intention for providing them is so that they are readily available as we know how some families may be in total shock and need information/local support at their fingertips - NOW.

Hence such books cater for a wide age range to help families prepare for experiences from topics like going to hospital to help reduce fear’s for both child and adult.

By introducing such books and publications into communities we believe that these further support the above families in extreme situations as awareness and knowledge; with the added bonus of allowing any child reach their full potential; as this increases children’s abilities in many ways:

Books and Publications

Book List

The following book List covers the varying aspects of Understanding Differences and are located under the specific fund that supports them.

Shattered Dreams List includes -

Terminal Illness or Bereavement for Children

Terminal Illness or Bereavement for Adults supporting Children

Terminal Illness or Bereavement for Adults Friends and Family

The Social, emotional and behaviour List includes -

~ Behaviour related books for children  

~ Adoption

~ Divorce and step families

~ Social children books, including peoples and religions of the world, healthy eating,

The physical illness list includes -

~ Introductory books for children age 2+ for example going to doctor or dentist.

~ understanding the body, various ages

~ Health including puberty for boys and girls

~ Illnesses, Autism, Epilepsy, Diabetes,

~ Illness Asthma, Heart