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Self Help

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Understanding Differences can offer resources which will allow the user to make an informed choice as to what help is available and what help suits them best.

People’s reactions vary greatly to a given situation, some may just wish a shoulder to cry on and place to tell their story, others may wish to research the problem in order to gain a better understanding, while a third option is to read material written in an attempt to simply help people cope with a tragedy, bereavement or other condition.

To some people Self Help may to seem an odd title, conjuring up images that there is no help available so a person has to do it, or cope with it themselves.

But this is far from the truth.

Then there is the question of what to tell children, how do you explain tragic situations to them.

Understanding Differences is geared more towards the first and third options, by providing a forum and drop-in for people to tell their story, and also provide books on various aspect of coping with situations like bereavement, how to communicate this to children, and for children themselves to learn.

The Self Help as far as Understanding Differences is concerned, allows the family to access resources so that they may take their own time to come to terms with any given condition.