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Terminal Illness and Bereavement

Child or Adult Heart Disease

Social, Emotional and Behavioural Conditions

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Cancer and other Diagnosis

For Children

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Divorce~ADHD~Adoption~and more

This fund is here to provide sources of awareness, information and support for children and adults experiencing social emotional or behavioural issues.

Many emotions and actions are pre-judged. This
is similar for behavioural disorders where often

they are presumed to be naughtiness, but

behind many situations there is often a story that remains hidden.

Learning more about what could be affecting a friend or family member may make a

massive difference as it increases your understanding and reduces some of their isolation.

UD a stop-gap while waiting for other appointments by offering information and

providing a chance to talk to others.
We hope that many difficult days and fears may be reduced and that this opportunity leaves families feeling reassured and able to work through a range of situations.

The resources we offer include:

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