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Terminal Illness and Bereavement

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Terminal Illness and Bereavement

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Physical Illness

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...Re-building lives affected by social, emotional & behavioural issues....

Social, Emotional and Behaviour Book List

Signified by the green fund, the Social, Emotional and Behaviour booklist comprises primarily of books for children, but adults may enjoy reading them also.

~ Behaviour related books for children will hopefully bring an understanding to children and adults of the effect of troublesome behaviour, but also includes books on ADHD

~ Adoption books hope to show the child that life can be good when a new family is created

~ Divorce and step families is self explanatory and looks at divorce and step families from a child perspective, and hopes to show that although the family may change some things will not.

~ Social children books, includes such titles as peoples of the world, religions of the world, healthy eating,

Please note - all the Understanding booklists are provided as a guide only, because every situation is different we cannot guarantee that any one book is fit for particular person or circumstance.

Social, Emotional and Behaviour  Book List

Other publications in our Book List

As the UD site covers a variety of topics, we also have a variety of books on the various topics, the following contains links to their publications.

The Orange fund depicting physical illness contains

~ Introductory books for children age 2+ for example going to doctor or dentist.

~ understanding the body, various ages

~ Health including puberty for boys and girls

~ Illnesses, Autism, Epilepsy, Diabetes,

~ Illness Asthma, Heart

The Terminal Illness and Bereavement booklist contains a variety of titles for both children and adults.

Children under 5

Children 5 to 8

Children 9 to 2

Children 13 to 16

Adults Caring for Bereaved Children

Adult Grieving, including friends and families