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...Re-building lives affected by diagnosis of Congenital or Adult Heart Disease....

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Little Ross

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“Ross was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome at a 25 week scan.  This was the beginning of a completely life-changing experience and not just for myself but, my other children too....

No-one outside of these experiences could ever envisage the range of emotions and things that need to be done after similar experiences, the diagnosis, fear, isolation and possible bereavement that could then follow as surgeries no matter how small, possess a risk.

Nothing prepared me for the sight I saw after surgery; my precious little boy on a life support machine attached to many monitors, tubes and needles to monitor and aid his recovery, nor for his loss of life at the age of 3 lovely years together on this earth.

I am sure we all have similar fears of any surgery no matter if it’s a simple procedure like tonsils being removed or major surgery”.

This sub fund of Understanding Differences has been proudly set up in Memory of our Precious Little boy ‘Ross’ to help other families who have experienced the uncertainty of such a diagnosis...

At April 2009, we are proud to announce that we hold an approximate value of

£ 3,300.00

All achieved by fundraising in the community with events such as raffles, grids, craft sessions and other donations.

We have raised this money to publish our first series of the Young Experiences, Young Explorers Collection We have drafted a series of  5 stories about Children with Heart Conditions entirely written from a child’s perspective, for children, from the child with the condition and their siblings.

Book titles include:

We are keen to consult with families and professionals about the appropriateness of these drafts and a positive way forward.