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Great South Run


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Halloween is a yearly event organised by UD to help raise funds but mainly to raise its profile in the community.

2009 is no exception,

Enabling us to hold our traditional period of fundraising around the end of Oct; Tulleys Farm have (for the 5th Year running) donated pumpkins and we offer our sincere thank you to them,  this is a fantastic boost to the good work we aim to do and inspires the kick off to the fundraising.

Usually we have tried to encourage children to develop their co-ordination and creativity by pumpkin carving but this year we hope to make better use of the pumpkin donations .. for example; if youíre holding a a party and you were already considering buying pumpkins maybe you would use ours and add to the FUNdraising this year by asking guests to make a donation of £1 in the hope that they may win a cash sum at the end prize draw.

I works by asking your guests to place their name in a pumpkin, hat or bowl and donate a £1. when everyone has had a go, simply draw out the winning names, keep half the money for supporting Understanding Differences, and half to pay back out in prizes. You can chose how this is done; perhaps a one off winner of £10 ??

Also why not request a few bundles of raffle tickets to sell at the party? guests could win a bigger prize such as a mp3 player or a £25 voucher for the Harvester.

Any support you can offer us will be very appreciated.

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9 children and 11 adults raised an astounding £51.31p during the afternoon, which consisted or childrenís crafts including pumpkin carving, at night 5 adults and 11 children ventured out into the night on route to the Downsman pub, who very kindly supported us with sweets and juice for the children.

The generous people along the way who opened their doors raised £32.57p with another £45.36p collected from the customers at the Downsman,  Making our grand total for the day of £129.24p

Our sincere thanks everyone who kindly supported us